Valinor Trade House

Valinor Trade House its origins back to 1994 when farming operations were established in the fertile Vistula delta in Ukraine. From 1994 to 2006 the Group continued to acquire and lease land in the Ukraine consolidating and acquiring the combined freehold land at approximately 1,100 hectares. During this period Rokitne agricultural holdings also developed commercial skills and relationships and an operational working model for farming larger scale operations which it has transferred to its business in Ukraine for trading and export of agricultural comodities.

In early 2009 the Group raised €2 million of equity funding to accelerate its expansion in the Ukraine which resulted in Origin Enterprises plc becoming a substantial shareholder. These funds were used to advance the land lease programme, purchase modern machinery, chemicals and fertiliser as well as investment in storage facilities and for export and working capital puposes. From 2006 to 2015 the Group has grown its land bank in the Ukraine to over 2,2000 hectares.

In January 2012 started manufacturing cooking oils. Focusing mainly on refined sunflower oil, refined corn oil with modern machinery and equipments.

Additionally, Valinor Trade House supports regional exhibitions and festivals, as well as the celebration of national holidays or local events, and takes part in the organization of Village Day and Field Day festivals. The company has a solid tradition of giving New Year's gifts to children in all locations where it operates.